Kitty! =^.^=

Part German Shepard, part Timber Wolf!!! <3

Soraka is pretty much a unicorn that throws bananas.

I want to live a fantasy so badly that I cry because of real life.

I have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I am accepting, but I’m sorry I was not able to complete it within 24 hours. I will upload a video or something to let you all know when I have completed the challenge.

When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die.
League Chats XD
  • Miss Fortune: so....that pimp teemo
  • Irelia: Lol
  • Teemo: lol well that blow dart thing couuld be a cane?
  • Ahri: he has a pirate, a fallen angel, a blade chick(?), and a nine tailed fox.
  • [Morgana was is the queue also.]
  • Ahri: pretty good pimp
  • Miss Fortune: needs to be a skin
  • Ahri: lol
  • Irelia: Or the thing he uses to force us to do his work... Lol
  • Teemo: lol omg. yes pimp teemo
  • Ahri: XD
  • Miss Fortune: O.o
  • Teemo: his cane stores drugs
  • Miss Fortune: yes
  • Ahri: seems legit

I don’t want to know what time it is anymore.

If I could just stop caring maybe everything would get better…

Let your passion burn on…

Campfire. :)

One person can either hate you and despise everything about you or they can care for you and love every part of you… But they can both make you feel like hell.

When I bottle up all of my emotions they slowly start to eat away at me and make me feel like I’m in hell. But when I talk to someone and tell them how I feel I end up wishing I hadn’t, because they always create a bigger hell out of it.

For a pessimist, I feel pretty optimistic when listening to my favorites bands.

My Panda Teemo cosplay from League of Legends. Haha :)