One person can either hate you and despise everything about you or they can care for you and love every part of you… But they can both make you feel like hell.

When I bottle up all of my emotions they slowly start to eat away at me and make me feel like I’m in hell. But when I talk to someone and tell them how I feel I end up wishing I hadn’t, because they always create a bigger hell out of it.

For a pessimist, I feel pretty optimistic when listening to my favorites bands.

My Panda Teemo cosplay from League of Legends. Haha :)

Mentally, I’m exhausted. Physically… well, physically I don’t feel anything anymore.

Rockin’ dogs!




When my cousin and I play The Game of Life, my cousin goes to college and becomes a doctor. Then he draws the most expensive starter home, lands on buy a lakeside cabin, draws the mansion card for his second home, lands on buy and sailboat, and then lands on hire a maid and butler service.

The longing to see you runs warm through my blood.

F**k my life.

stormsoup asked:
Hello. You are a living, breathing, important person who has done and will do big and little things that matter. I don't know you, but you are beautiful because you are you, and not someone else. No one has the same combination of skills, personality, experiences, or likes and dislikes as you. Take care of yourself. And remember that this season of pain WILL PASS with time.

:,) Thank you so much. That made my day.

I can’t tell whether it feels like my heart is expanding or if my chest just feels empty. Either way it’s a very sad and lonely feeling.

I try to give you everything I possibly can and I ask for nothing from you except your time.