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Accidental heart.

"Don’t leave me alone in this bed."
-Framing Hanley

Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger; the person you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.
Fall Out Boy
I need more dreams, and less life. I need that dark, and a little more light… I’ve cried tears you’ll never see. So, fuck you! You can go cry me an ocean, and leave me be.
Fall Out Boy

The sun is rising;
It’s a new day,
But no day will be true
Unless I’m with you.

Love you to the moon and back.

Every little chace of us ever seeing each other is always taken away. It’s either not the right year, not the right month, not the right weekend, not the right day, or not the right hour. It’s like everyone and everything is keeping us apart and I hate it! And I fucking miss you! I miss you!

Would you rather see bigger or live better?


The hope is in the questions.
The razors are in the heart shaped box.
The pain is behind the forced laugh.
The broken heart is under the fake smile.

  • Boy: Did you have a good time?
  • Girl: Yeah.
  • Boy: Thats good. Are you ok?
  • Girl: Yeah.
  • Boy: Are you sure?
  • Girl: Yes.
  • Boy: Bet I can make you smile right now.
  • Girl: You always can, even when I'm sad.
  • Boy: Are you sad now? And be honest.
  • Girl: A little...
  • Boy: Why honey?
  • Girl: I wanted to kiss you one more time.
  • Boy: I can fix that.
  • Girl: How?
  • Boy: When I walk you to your door.
  • Girl: Your mom will see, though... I don't want you to get in trouble or talked to about it.
  • Boy: I don't really care about getting talked to... I want to make you happy.
  • Girl: Don't risk it for me. It's not worth it. I'm not worth it.
  • Boy: You are, though.
  • Girl: No. Not if it could get you in trouble.
  • Boy: I love you. I don't care it I get in trouble for a kiss...
  • Girl: I love you, too. You have no idea how much. Every time I leave you it feels like my heart goes with you, but that's okay to me.
  • Boy: You're ok with me taking your heart away?
  • Girl: Yes. Because if there's anyone, I want you to have it. No one else. I'm sorry it's not much... but I hope it's enough.
  • Boy: Your heart is more than enough... You've already taken mine.
  • Girl: I don't know what to say.
  • Boy: I love you.
  • Girl: I love you, too. And I'll miss you. I already do.
Let’s leave no words unspoken, and save regrets for the broken… All I want is a place to call my own, to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone. You know to keep you hopes up high and your head down low… Still got something left to prove. It tends to keep things moving… If you take it from me, live your life for yourself, cause when it’s all said and done you don’t need anyone else. So lets get to when everything seemed perfect…
A Day To Remember

There are so many things we want… not all things are possible, though. Therefore we are left with whatever choices are left.

The seem me tumblin’

Day hatin’


Day tryin’ catch me reebloggin’

Young Love